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Josef Stalin and Adolf Hitler combined did not slaughter 3,740 innocent victims every day!

Although the subject “life” itself is far more than just “numbers,” the numbers are staggering, even mind-boggling. Since the Supreme Court’s infamous Roe v. Wade ruling in 1973, approximately 54,000,000 American babies have been aborted. 1.35 million every year. Approximately 26,000 every week. 3,700+ every day. 150+ every hour. In other words, somewhere in America a up to three little babies lost their lives to abortion since you began reading this website! Those are the numbers and, to be sure, the numbers are mind-boggling. But an unborn child’s life is no more a number than you are - he or she may not have yet been issued a social security card, but his or her identification is far more permanent at the moment of conception than that - because every single thing that child will be someday is contained in the DNA that is that beautiful tiny life. It’s important to understand that our fight for the lives of the unborn is the most important fight of our lives - because if you and I won’t help, who will? The very Declaration of Independence guarantees these children the right to LIFE FIRST - even before liberty! It is the most precious gift of all and it is one on which we cannot yield. We are convinced and saddened that the Pro-Abortion movement has survived, prospered and profited for so many years because they successfully re-cast the argument. What is and truly should be Pro-Abortion vs. Anti-Abortion or Pro-Abortion vs. Pro-Life has been contorted to intentionally confuse the public: Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life. How tragic that these cold-hearted people would take advantage of the women’s right’s movement to suggest that it is somehow a “woman’s right to choose an abortion,” that it’s “her body and she can do with her body whatever she wishes.” Even the most hardened woman, when faced with THAT sort of choice, can suffer years of pain and depression and sorrow if she believes that contorted logic. The Board of Directors of Grand Strand Citizens for Life, while as committed as any pro-life organization in America to bringing an end to the practice of abortion on demand, believes that the most effective way to convey our message - encouraging people to “Make The Life Choice” - is to celebrate life with heartwarming stories about what happens when people choose life. Our media campaign for the last several years has focused on such stories. You can read our ads and listen to our radio commercials just by clicking the navigation bar above (Messages of Life). For those who have no concept of the brutality of abortion at every stage, and the exceptional horror of it during the last trimester (or commonly known as Partial Birth Abortion) you may choose to read about it, but perhaps not see it in photos or videos. Some who believe t And we would have 37 years of new generations ... beautiful new lives to enrich our society.hat “seeing is believing” think doing so is the ONLY way to understand the moral crisis facing this nation. We will leave that decision up to you - a simple “GOOGLE” search will take you places you never dreamed of going to witness things you never thought were possible. Suffice it to say this: The price America is paying for this genocide is almost too much to bear, for in the process of killing 54,000,000 babies as a form of “post-intercourse birth control,” we are killing the future of America. Those who complain bitterly of illegal immigration need only understand that had we not allowed this tragedy to take place, the population of America would be far more in order.

It’s time to choose.
Abortion Warning
We pray you’ll “Make The Life Choice”

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