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A welcome from our President...

As the new president of Grand Strand Citizens for Life. I am both humbled and honored to be given the opportunity to lead our endeavors in the Pro Life arena here in South Carolina. After over 20 years of vacationing in the area, my husband and I moved here from central New Jersey in March of 2012. In New Jersey, I was actively involved in the Pro Life Movement for 34 years. I served as Chairman of our church's Pro Life Committee activities for 25+ years and was the Diocesan Representative for our parish. Functionally, my responsibilities included the coordination of annual bus trips to Washington D.C. and Trenton, the state capitol, in support of the March for Life and Rally for Life respectively. Additionally, I led the Respect Life Chain in October, participated in Conferences for both the Diocese and State Right to Life Organizations, and ran numerous fund raisers to support local pregnancy centers. Politically, I worked on behalf of Respect Life candidates for congress. In 2011, I was one of two recipients of the Diocese of Metuchen's Pro Vita (Pro Life) Award. The award was presented by the Bishop of Metuchen in recognition for my outstanding leadership and steadfast commitment to promoting the sanctity of human life, for my work as parish pro life representative, and for my efforts in helping women and families facing unplanned pregnancies and poverty to choose life. Upon my arrival in South Carolina, I joined the already fully functional Respect Committee at St. Michael's Catholic Church in Garden City. Currently, I serve as their Chairperson. Together with God's help and your support, I plan to lead us in our commitment to bring the Pro Life message to as many people as possible. Hopefully, our endeavors will save the lives of the many unborn children as well as elderly who need us to speak for them.
...and a Thank You from our Past President
Dear Pro-Life Community, Many of our supporters are aware that I have retired as President of GSCL after 10 years in that position. It has been a busy, productive period and I am hopeful it has been a time of expansion of our Pro-Life message to the Community. Marches, Life Chains, Prayer Vigils. Billboards and Community events have taken place every year and we proudly started the "Pro-Life Camp for Teens" in 2013. This was all made possible by the support and participation of so many wonderful Pro-Life people and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your efforts. My intention is to remain on the Board as an active member maintaining my involvement in the Prayer Vigil and Pro-Life Camp. Every organization prospers when knowledge and participation in on-going operations is broadened and that is what is happening here. We are most fortunate to have a new President who has great Pro-Life experience and a passion for Respect for Life for many years. Terry Borkes has my commitment to support and help her in any way to keep GSCL a dynamic force for Life on the Grand Strand. And I hope she has your commitment as well!

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